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Chump Bison

Chump Bison

A new fine line between edc and hunter, sleek but aggressive.

This new Bison takes the line of Hunter/skinner and everyday carry and barrels down it just like its namesake. As a small clip point seax its aggressive, but with a thin top handle and wider base it makes precise work and easy job. Made from 52100 high carbon steel and stonewashed it’ll handle just about any job and look awesome doing them.

These will be available with various handle materials and will also come in W2 hc steel with a hamon. Either steel and any handle could be chosen and customized by email with around a 2-3 week turnaround.

Blade: 3.25”

Overall: 7.25”

Steel: 52100 or W2

Handle: varies

Addition: leather or kydex sheath

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