River Damascus Chef

River Damascus Chef

Let the river flow!!!

This is a 7.5” mosaic Damascus chef knife that is made up of 1084 and 15n20 high carbon steels. They’ve been manipulated and formed together so they flow in and out like river and the edge of the blade is a low layer low twist Damascus giving the look of little gully’s all flowing into the integral bolster. The handle just adds to the feeling. Made of redwood lace burl it has its own flows and lines that really bring the whole piece together. Small brass accents and a chrome buttcap make this one of my favorite pieces I have ever completed.

NEVER be worried about purchasing something like this for the beauty and not using it. This blade will perform in any use and my hope is that it’s used so much I will eventually be contacted to do touch ups and refinish to bring it back to 100%. Function is the number 1 purpose of every tool, but we can always make it look good while doing that right.

Blade: 7.5”

Steel: 1084 and 15n20 high carbon


Handle: Redwood lace burl

Style: River Damascus

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